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Hi Everyone, My name is Sanduni, but im so used to being called Sandy! Im a 34 year old girl from Berkshire, and im a wife and a mother to 2 beautiful kids! I work full time but i love to review & test products in my spare time, so i thought if i started my own blog i can let everyone know about it….I Love football and i support Chelsea and Rangers. So enjoy and welcome to my world!


Orchids: the latest trend

So, in the recent months I have noticed many people opt for orchid plants instead of any other flowers.


The reason is so simple! It’s because they are so easy to look after, lasts so long and worth every penny you pay for them!

Orchids are associated with perfection, love, beauty, luxury, fertility and children and orchids are a popular plant choice for the home or bouquets.

there are so many different types of orchid, with at least 30,000 species in the wild, and hundreds of thousands of hybrids

The best thing about orchids is the fact that they are so low maintenance

The best place to show them off are your windows, because Orchids love the light but not direct sunlight as it could burn the plant and too little light would prevent it from flowering! so if you do keep this on a window make sure its not on a window which the sun shines directly or keep it behind the curtains or window blinds and if the leaves are bright green rather than dark green you know your Orchids are a very happy plant!

The fact is Orchids doesn’t need to be watered every day, a quick splash every 5-12 days should be enough! Make sure you allow the water to drain right the way through and avoid leaving the roots in standing water.


If you like to see your orchids live longer and produce more flowers I suggest you feed the Orchid’s with Orchid food once a month, but please don’t over feed them!

Just keep an eye on the roots, if they are too long, your orchid plant will need to be re-homed in a bigger pot


Once the orchid flower has died just make sure you cut the stems to encourage new growth

In order to support the orchids place sticks firmly in the pot and clip the stems to them. This will let your orchid stand tall and proud and help them get enough light.

Those are a few handy tips for you to look after your orchids and as you can see its super easy and doesn’t require much effort to keep them happy!

OK now here are some fun facts



Did you know that the bottle of vanilla extract that you pour into your cakes and other food comes from the orchid Vanilla planifolia. It’s the only orchid that produces an edible fruit (yep, vanilla is fruit!).


Some Orchids look like insects! this is a very cute Bee orchid which obviously looks like a Bee!


and some orchids look like animals! This monkey orchid is totally amazing! can you see the resemblance?


The world’s tallest orchid, the Sobralia altissima from the forest of Peru, can grow to a mighty 44 feet tall.


So all in all you can see why orchids are a growing trend, how easy they are to look after and you’re windows will look absolutely beautiful! so next time you decide to buy flowers i suggest you buy an orchid which is beautiful and long lasting

And if you want more information about Orchids please visit which has great tips, advise ,learn about the history of Orchids and even browse through the gallery to see some truly magnificent Orchids!

Last but not least i would like to thank Dan of for providing me with these gorgeous orchids which has made many people jealous 🙂 and has made my windows look amazing! but most importantly it has made me realise how truly magnificent Orchids are!




Why i love my football shirt!

Many people might wonder why i post so many pictures of myself in my football shirt on Twitter & Instagram……..Some might think i want the attention of men , some might think i just want to increase my followers…..but the actual fact is that i genuinely LOVE my shirt, my team and its an honor to represent my team even in the slightest manner .

My first love is Chelsea FC and i support Rangers FC too, i came to love Rangers due to having dated a few nice Scottish lads 🙂 ever since then i have been supporting them.


I try and go to as many Chelsea games as possible however with working full time and being a mom its not always possible, and i tend to miss out on tickets most of the time sadly 😦 but i make sure i watch the game on tele, and if im unable to watch it i will make sure i at least listen or follow it online!

Im so proud to wear my shirt that i wear it almost any chance i get and am so proud to show it off! Its always a great feeling to support two of the best teams in the world and i will do everything to see my teams doing well.

so next time you see me posting selfies of myself in my football shirts its because i genuinely want to support my team

Come on Chelsea and Rangers! i promise to keep the blues flag flying high because we are THE people!

One of the best lipsticks!

So i thought as i have a day off today i will write my first blog about one of my favourite lipsticks, please excuse me if this is not the best but i will improve as i start blogging more

A few months ago i won some amazing lipsticks from Beauty UK Cosmetics

Beauty UK


and one matt lipstick really stood out! its the velvet red lipstick


I have to say i use a lot of MAC lipsticks but this has become my favourite!

Its so easy to use as its got a really good applicator as shown below



it feels so soft and you can straightaway see the amazing results! its so light and easy to apply and my lips look full and beautiful and it doesn’t go when you have food or drink, i can safely say that it lasts so long and i get lot of compliments when i wear it


I would like to recommend this to anyone who would like a lasting matt lip shade. if you are interested in purchasing any please go to

grab a great lipstick for a bargain price! you cant go wrong for £3!!